What is the Unification of Wisdom

Now is the time to hear from the voices of the Maya of Today!

Many scholars and new age theorists have been speculating and theorizing about the Mayan calendar and culture for decades.

K'iche' Maya artist Juan, Miguel, & Mario Leon CortezThe fact is that many people of the world have yet to hear from the Mayan people themselves in the media. Now is the time we here from them directly.


Myths and fear spread by mainstream Media

  For the past 1o years society has been inundated with a message of fear surrounding the end of the Long Count cycle in the Mayan calendar and 2012.  It is very important that the world understand that the Maya do not believe in the Western theories of doomsday and 2012.  The end of the long count Mayan calendar,  is the end of a 5,125 + cycle and is a cycle that the Maya believe has been ruled by greed, fear, war and an imbalance within our planet.  Those whom we have had the honor to document believe that there is no end of the world and that we are moving into a new energy and a new cycle and must prepare ourselves for the shift in energy that our planet will be undergoing as our planet moves into a new planetary cycle within the universe.

Why the Mayan calendar works for everyone on the Planet

   Some of the Maya who you will hear from in the film talk about the end of a cycle, the end of an era, not the end of our planet.  Many of the Maya whom we have documented believe that we are entering into a period that will be much more balanced and in alignment with love and human's living within the natural cycles of the planet.  The film journey's deep into the Mayan calendar for this is one of the most accurate calendars that we have on this planet and it is a calendar that all people can use.  In the film the audience will journey to a deeper perspective of who the Maya are, how they use the Mayan calendar to guide their every day lives, and how it can be the greatest tool that we have to come together as a humanity on this planet.