What is the Unification of Wisdom

Now that the hype of 2012 has passed; the Maya people of today are revealing the truth of their culture. We invite you to explore with us what the "new era of time" means for them and the reclaiming of their voice in the world. The story of the Maya is a story for all of humanity to learn from.

"We never said the world was going to end.  This has all come from a media campaign led in the west to spread fear and to keep the true message of our wisdom and culture hidden." -Tzutujil Maya elder Tata Pedro Cruz, traditional mayan calendar day keeper.

GUATEMAYA- Trailer in English on Vimeo.

GUATEMAYA- Trailer in Espanol on Vimeo.

About the Film Short Synopsis
Take a cinematic journey to the heart of the Mayan culture; past, present, and future. This is the only film to document the in-depth culture of the Maya of today. It exposes the propaganda campaign led around their culture throughout the western media, which spread misconceptions and fear throughout the world. We explore the truth of a culture filled with a deep wisdom and teaching that all humanity can learn from.   Hidden for centuries, this is their declaration to the world of their struggle, their wisdom and the reclaiming of their voice to the world.

 Now that the media hype surrounding 2012 has passed the Maya can tell their story of what the New Era of time means for their culture and the world.

We have been documenting with an amazing and groundbreaking group of elders and youth since 2008 and we felt it was important to follow them to the much anticipated date of December 21, 2012. We wanted to create a time capsule and lasting piece of history that would surpass the hype of 2012, becuase their culture deserves to be recognized from its native perspective.

Why is the film important and relevant to now?

The Maya hold a message that is linked to all of humanity, and the reality is that the world has yet to know what that is.  The whole time we had been documenting the group of Maya whom we were working with they always said that 2012 was not "the end" of the world, but a "new era" of time and now they are sharing what the new era is and sharing the truth of their culture with the world.

Why did local and worldwide media misinterpret and spread such misunderstandings about their culture surrounding the Mayan Calendar and 2012 date? 

We explore this question and we were there in the Maya lands on December 21, 2012 to get the Maya's story and expose a campaign to keep the truth of their culture hidden.  The opression of the great wisdom of their culture has been happening since the time the Spanish landed on their soil over 500 years ago.  The Maya are here now to share with the world the beauty of their culture and their message of great wisdom and unity for all of humanity. 

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