Learn to let your intuition—gut instinct—
tell you when the food, the relationship,
the job isn’t good for you (and conversely,
when what you’re doing is just right).
~ Oprah Winfrey

Every person holds the truth within him- or herself. We have been taught to ignore our inner wisdom. We have been taught to listen to outside authorities; to “experts” who have the information. But we already have the truth within ourselves. We just need to remember how to recognize, listen, and trust that inner voice.

The Guiding Signs 101 cards are a fun way to help develop that inner voice of your intuition, while giving you guidance at the minor or major crossroads in your life. When we come from the mind we prove things through “facts.” With our intuition we will find confirmation comes through synchronicity. That is how the cards work.

The image that shows up is in resonance with our question and our own “field of energy.” The next step is to start paying attention to everything that shows up in your life, like a mirror; the people, animals, and events. Eventually you will be able to ask a question and just listen and hear your answer. Guiding Signs 101 divination cards are a bridge to that place. They also help us by validating what we are already feeling. We start to trust that inner voice that we have overridden for years and years with our minds and what others tell us.

Have FUN in bringing your inner voice back to a volume that you can hear and listen to!

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