Patt Lind-Kyle

Over the years I have found many tools that have been a huge key in my success.  Some of these tools are visioning with the 5 senses, shamanic drumming journeys, Cellular Memory Release, Emotional Freedom Technique, doing an Evening Review and journaling; to name a few.  Today I want to share the power of the theta meditation for accessing your wisdom. In Patt Lind-Kyle’s latest book  Heal your Mind, Rewire Your Brain she has included a CD with meditations. She calls the theta meditation the “Wisdom meditation”.  This meditation accesses a deep place where the subconscious resides.  You are able to go past your beta brain, the place that tries to “figure things out” to theta, that deep place that has inner knowing, certainty.

On the CD you are lead on a guided journey meditation to a little cottage that has a long hallway of doors on the left and right of different colors and symbols and you first choose a door on the left and then one on the right to enter.  You set an intention before beginning the meditation.  For me, these meditations access a place of not only deep wisdom but also magic!

Erin Cote and I would do one of Patt’s theta mediation’s at each step of the way in our creation of the Guiding Signs 101 cards.  On our first theta meditation about the creation of the cards we were meditating to access how the cards should look.  The first door I went through was a green door.  What I entered was the outdoors, nature, it was all green and mossy with big rocks, waterfalls and rainbows.  An elder fairy appeared.  I told him I had come to find out what the cards were to look like.  In a deep elderly voice he asked why I was looking for that information!  He said “Erin is the artist, that is her job, she has that covered”.  Then he told me he was there along with the other fairies to sprinkle fairy dust and get people ready for these cards.  When we came out of the meditation sure enough Erin had seen that the cards needed to be fun and playful and she knew exactly how to proceed in creating them!

Patt recently explained to me how perfect the cards were having the playful design.  She is an expert on the brain and how it works.  I can’t remember all the technical words but basically it was about how the place of fear in our brain is right next to the place that you take in new information.  If the cards had a look that was “new agey” it could put people into fear instead of allowing them to open to the wisdom and the messages that the guidebook carries.  The cards can be a great tool for someone already familiar with accessing their inner voice and intuition for guidance in seeing the larger picture and making wise decisions.  The cards are equally as helpful for giving a family member, friend or co-worker the opportunity to play and access deeper wisdom in a fun way as well.  They can be used for improving and opening communication with a spouse or with family members, children or adults! They are like having a personal coach with you each day to access your inner wisdom to wise decisions and help you stay on track to your deepest passions and goals.  Patt’s theta or wisdom meditation is also a fabulous tool for accessing the deepest recesses of your brain where truth and knowingness, where your wisdom resides.

This is from Patt’s recent blog on Your Road to Success
“I imagine that most of us want to be successful at least once in our life. Each of us defines success in our own way. My question for you is, “What does success mean for you?” Take a moment to remember a time when you were successful.  Was it passing a life test like completing college, getting the job you wanted, or making a great deal?  Whatever the form of success it required you to make a major decision.   How did you make that decision? What was the technique you used to make the decision and are you always successful with the final result using that technique?

According to the latest brain research, making a decision does not come from our thinking, rational, conscious brain that is in the cortex at the crown of our head. Actually, we just rationalize our decisions from the cortex by using our fast beta brain waves. The basic function of the cortex is used to carry out, strategize, rationalize, and plan for the decisions you make.  What is interesting is that more than half the decisions we make are made deep inside the brain in the limbic system in the emotional brain that is run by slower theta brain waves. This area of the brain is also where the subconscious mind resides. The key question is, how do we by pass the cortex and find the real area of the brain that gives us the true answers to our questions and make the key decisions for our success in life?

One way to slow down your brain waves to make decisions as wells as get incredible insight for your life is to use my Heal Your Mind, Rewire Your Brain CD’s. On the fourth track of the CD is the theta meditation. It is called the Wisdom Meditation, which is designed to help you make decisions and gain insight and “wisdom” for your life.”

Patt goes on to talk about the value of the Guiding Signs 101 cards…..” These wonderfully creative cards are guidance cards for a smooth ride on your life’s journey.  I highly recommend them because they really develop the power of our own intuitive decision making ability. We know that the power to make the small and large decisions of our lives comes from inside of us not outside.”.  Thank you Patt and thank you for your beautiful tool…. Your book and CD of meditations- especially our favorite; the theta!!

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