Emily Dickinson said “Dwell in Possibility.”  I love that all things are possible.  Why limit ourselves!  Why not invite in more magic and beauty and the miraculous into our lives.

Albert Einstein said “you can’t solve a problem using the same mindset that created the problem.”  So isn’t it time to open ourselves to more possibilities and more magic.

I know when I am in that state of Grace, that place of “flow” amazing synchronicities show up in my life.  The right person appears at the right time.  The answer I need falls into my lap.  I have even had a book fall off a shelf in a bookstore.  Or my eyes rivet onto a book and it contains my answer.

Synchronicities do not live in our minds they live in the present.  I also discovered when I was in my twenties that true power and creation live in the present.  I discovered this reading a book called “The Nature of Personal Reality” by Jane Roberts.  She was a channel.  For nearly my entire life at least once every year I would get strep-throat and be severely sick in bed for a week or more at a time. I read a line in her book to the effect of … “the point of power is in the present moment and I choose to feel and to be healthy and well.”  She talked about how we have the first symptom of an illness and as soon as we have that we jump to the end result of being really sick.  I would taste that funny taste in my throat and I would start to see myself as sick, I had it happen so many times I knew the sequence.  I could just jump from A to Z.  By saying the piece about the point of power over and over and over again you move to a place of NOW where creation exists and you can choose and see the outcome differently.  It has been over 30 years since I last had strep-throat!

We are all such miraculous powerful creators.  Yet for the most part we don’t know it.  We believe we are victims to circumstances of life.  Our beliefs are so powerful; they are constantly being reflected to us.  Is it an empowering belief or is it a limiting one that you are manifesting? Perhaps we believe that we are not worthy of love.  We have a friend and we think that person is too busy for us, that they don’t value us.  So when we try to connect with that person they aren’t home when you call or they are dashing out the door.  Whatever is happening is a mirror of your beliefs.  It is showing you what YOU are creating through your beliefs.  The funny thing is that we will often say “see I told you that person didn’t value me or have time for me, look what just happened.”  We use what occurred as “proof” that we were right not that we just created that whole scenario!

We have the ability to change our beliefs.  There are many different ways to do this.  One such way is to create more possibilities for what may be behind an action or result you are experiencing.  Lets look at an example to see how this works. Someone frowns at you.  You have an energetic response that automatically pops up.  Such as, “that person doesn’t like me.  If they liked me they would have smiled”.   One way to change this response or belief you hold is to come up with five other possibilities about why that person frowned.  Such as: they just had a fight with their spouse, they have a headache, they are running late and having a bad morning, they just received some bad news, they woke up on the wrong side of the bed.  Otherwise it is like a scratch in an old vinyl record – the more you feel and believe your automatic response the deeper that groove becomes.  By coming up with other possibilities you keep from having that groove getting etched deeper and deeper.  You start to undo that old limiting belief.

Other ways of letting go of an old belief…. By being the witness.  Seeing what is showing up and instead of going into a judgment of right and wrong, good and bad.  Simply observing and saying “oh isn’t that interesting.”

There are other techniques that use tapping acupressure points on the body while saying an old limiting belief or fear.  A shortcut is doing “the Karate chop”.  Put your hands together with your pinky fingers touching palms facing you.  Swivel your hands as if on a hinge right below the pinky fingers on the sides of your hands.  You then do a karate chop over and over again while saying….”I deeply and completely love, accept and respect myself even though I have feared __________. “  (examples:  stepping into my power, being seen, speaking my truth, being successful, having abundance- whatever it is for YOU).  You continually do the karate chopping on the side of your hand right under the pinky fingers while saying this over and over and over again.  You can do it for three or four minutes in the morning and again before going to bed.  There are different theories as to how long to continue; some people think three or four days others believe 21 days is the magic number.  You can listen and pay attention to what feels right to you and when you feel the old limiting belief leaving your body.

One way I have found to dwell in possibility and the magical is to start my morning in the place of wonderment.  Wonder is such a powerful tool.  I say “I wonder how many amazing, incredible, miraculous, magical things are going to occur today before I go to bed tonight.  I wonder how many people I am going to have the opportunity to really see and love today.  I wonder!”

You find what you are looking for!!  You set your unconscious brain into action to scan and look for the miraculous instead of looking for what is not working.

I wonder how many amazing incredible miraculous and magical things are going to come into YOUR life today!!  I wonder.  Dwell in possibility, have fun and be in a state of joy.  Joy is a powerful doorway!!!

“Anyone who doesn’t believe in miracles is not a realist.”  ~Audrey Hepburn