We are all giving birth to the light and to love. By forgiving ourselves and others and seeing where our love has been locked out we can unleash this love now!! Together we are all giving birth to a new paradigm of love!

A wise eleven year old told me I watched too many dramas and documentaries. He thought I needed more comedy and magical movies and made me a list that I am working through. I am on my sixth Harry Potter movie. In the movie I just watched evil had been hidden in objects and must be found and destroyed.

I realized that the opposite is also true. Love has been suppressed, hidden and locked away for eons of time. We have been living in a paradigm of fear and control. How do we move from fear into love? Fear is punishment, we make mistakes and we punish. We punish ourselves. We punish others. Look at all the ways we withhold love. Now is the time to give out that love. Our deepest wounds are usually where we have held back love.

Recently I have had someone in my life who started to make mistakes.  The more she feared making a mistake the more mistakes started to appear.  The more irritation and negative energy I felt towards the mistakes the more energy I was feeding to them.  They did what all things do with tons of attention placed on them – they grew and multiplied.  I started to expect them to happen. Instead of my focus being on the thousands of things that were incredible and working, the mistakes became my focus.

I set an intention to release any negative limiting patterns in my life.  I saw some things I had been blind to seeing because they were part of the fabric of “me” and the eyes I look out from.

In a time of silence and deep introspection I saw how deeply I loved the person making the mistakes. What had come up between us was about me.  I have not been able to make mistakes in my life.  When I was a six month old baby and I didn’t want to eat my food my dad hit me.  When I was a toddler and spilled my milk at dinner I got a beating.  In sixth grade I struggled doing fractions in math, when my dad couldn’t get me to understand he beat me.  Plus the multitude of times over the years a mistake meant being hurt and punished.  From early on I trained myself never to make mistakes, to be careful and hyper-vigilant.  Life was walking on egg shells, waiting for explosions to come. Trying to make sure they didn’t.  I learned not to make little mistakes but now I was able to see how I made the biggest mistake of all…. I was unable to love that part of someone dear in my life making mistakes.  Really it was me I couldn’t love. I have never been able to love that part of myself.

I gave gratitude to the Divine for conspiring to bring this person into my life for many reasons. The most recent to initiate a healing in me so I could embrace making mistakes and see how this has limited me my whole life.  We need to be able to make mistakes to be able to grow and evolve.  It has been a place that has stolen parts of my love and locked it in a closet.

I see how we as humans are all walking mistakes not meaning to be but because of our traps and limitations we are.  Now to BIRTH love in the world we need to open those doors where our hearts have been closed and let all that love out!!

I sent an email to my dear friend who had made the mistakes “I see what I have done to you is one of those unpardonable things.  I didn’t see you and I was not able to truly love you in those moments of the mistakes because I couldn’t love that in myself. You made the little mistakes and I made the big one.  I hope you have it in your heart to forgive me because I am so truly and deeply sorry.  I love you and admire you with all my heart.  And I choose to love myself even as I make this huge mistake and this is a new beginning for me. Thank you for your gifts of seeing and allowing me to evolve to more love and to opening my heart to being able to receive that love.“

I was able to see where I was unconscious in an area of my life. I was not able to love because of something inside of me.  It gave me the opportunity to release old limiting patterns that were holding me back.  I gave these limiting patterns to Mother Earth asking her to transmute them.  It all opened me to more love.

I invite you to look into your life and see where you are holding love back.  A good place to start is with a wound you carry. Another key is to find the places where you feel irritation to another person.  There is something that is still working you.  Where have you held back love because of the hurt you felt?

Look and see yourself as a child and see where this may have come from.  Also, imagine that person in their youth and look to see what might have happened to them that caused them to hold the behavior that you see causing pain you have felt.  Realize that someone did something to that person to cause this behavior and this keeps going back in time.  As Bob Hoffman, founder of The Hoffman Process said “we are all guilty but no one is to blame”.  Imagine unleashing all this love we have suppressed and locked away in closets!  The power is here now by allowing it out to truly turn a paradigm based on fear into one of love.  It is birthing time here on our planet.