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The way of the South is the way of the healer by Kathleen

From Guiding Signs 101 Cards.
The South card
The way of the south is the way of the healer
Paying attention to your heart is the great reveler.
This starts by living a life of heart and meaning.
Gratitude and recognition to others you’re bringing.

“The way of the South is the way of the healer. The most potent form of healing is love. We give love through gratitude, acknowledgement, acceptance, validation, and recognition of others or ourselves. The indigenous people believe that the heart is the connection between Father Sky and Mother Earth. They talk about the four-chambered heart: the full heart, clear heart, open heart, and strong heart.”
(taken from the first paragraph of the Guiding Signs 101Guidebook)

As I write this blog it is Wednesday, October 26 2011. It is the new moon of Scorpio.
A time for setting our intentions and our intentions around Scorpio have to do with our feeling nature. Scorpio is the most yin or feminine of all of the signs.

Friday October 28, 2011 is the last day of the Mayan Calendar according to Carl Calleman’s calculations. Although I know there are differing views amongst the Maya. There are many Mayan Elders who hold December 21, 2012 at 11:11 pm as the end time for the 26,000 year calendar and the beginning of the new 26,000 year cycle. We also have the huge portal of 11-11-11 coming right up. November 11th 2011. In fact, there are Mayan Elders who will be starting a procession to sacred sites across the United States carrying 13 Crystal Skulls. Their intention is to activate a grid across America. They will end in Los Angeles on 11-11-11.

Speaking of Scorpio, how are you feeling these days? Many people are experiencing a fatigue as the new energies come in to our old physical systems. It can be tiring, you may experience needing more sleep than ever before or having your normal sleep patterns interrupted. One of the best ways to process this new energy is to spend more time in nature. Another way is to really be living from your heart. Continually check in with your choices; which ones have the most heart and meaning to you. Where is your heart calling you? Are you listening to your heart?

I am preparing to do a guided meditation for 11-11-11. As I sit in silence and listen to what is coming through to me I understand that this portal is about bringing together duality. It is about the union of opposites. Through that union we create a unified field in our heart. It is in the space of this unified field of our hearts that we step through to more of who we truly are. We are stepping out of the limitations of the third dimension we have known for eons of time. We are stepping into territories we are not familiar with. The best way to take advantage of this time that I know of is to witness your shadow and anything that has been holding you back. Places you need to love or forgive yourself or others. Witnessing those places. Feeling the pain that living in the third dimension can bring with limitations and making “mistakes”. Being in our ego instead of our hearts and love. Then choosing to be in a higher field by choosing love, choosing acceptance. Not feeling like you need to change yourself or others. Accepting. Choosing gratitude and appreciation. Instead of putting your focus on things and objects putting your attention on the space around the things. Putting your attention around the space of gratitude. You will be able to expand into more of who you truly are, past your physical body as you place your awareness on spaciousness and gratitude. I would like to thank Tom Kenyon for his beautiful messages and meditations.

I would also like to thank my teacher from 1999 to 2001- Dr. Angeles Arrien, PhD, Cultural Anthropologist. She studied the ways of the indigenous peoples from around the world and then wrote a book called The Four Fold Way about what they shared in common. The Four ways are: South the Healer, North the Warrior, East the Visionary and West the teacher. It was in the Four Fold Way that I was first introduced to studying the heart. Choosing to follow a path of Heart and Meaning!

I also used the South, North, East and West in the Guiding Signs 101 cards with their deepest meaning coming from Angeles Arrien’s work The Four Fold Way, which I highly recommend.

I truly believe the next few weeks are a very powerful time for humanity. It is a time where the energies are magnified. Where are you putting your attention? Are you putting your attention on your limitations and what is not working? Are you putting your attention on your highest dreams and what holds the most heart and passion for you? You will be noticing that things are being reflected more quickly than ever before, the things you consider “good” and “bad”! I encourage you to use this powerful time for calling forth your truest most powerful self and your dearest dreams. What is it you most want to give birth to? Have FUN!! PLAY!! DREAM BIG!!

*Kathleen McIntire will be holding a ritual for 11-11-11 on November 11, 2011 from 10am til 12:22 pm at MoonBear Sanctuary
she will also be posting a guided meditation you can follow on 11-11-11 or anytime on YouTube.  To be posted November 1, 2011.  Click here to follow on Youtube


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