What is the Unification of Wisdom



Why Unity Now?

We have arrived at a critical and essential period in our history.  It is necessary and crucial that we recognize the indigenous people of the world and eachother. For thousands of years the indigenous throughout the world have undergone persecution for their beliefs and have been widely oppressed through the westward expansion and imperialism.  Through all of the injustice, they have remained strong and there are few throughout the indigenous communities who have held onto the spirit of their culture and who have not swayed to the influences of the western ideologies.   The indigenous all around the globe  have for centuries been the closest people to the Earth.  In the case of Tata Pedro he has been able to carry out his heritage and cultural traditions of the Maya despite the Spanish invasion and influences in the west that have placed many misconceptions around the practices of the Maya.

For centuries the knowledge of the Maya has remained within their communities.  Given the current state that our planet is in, Tata Pedro and others realize that the time is now to share this information and knowledge with us and connect us back into nature and the natural cycles of life and the universe.