What is the Unification of Wisdom

Normandi Brown (Pre-Production Advisor)

Co-Founder - Cinema Incentive Partners. Worked for UK Film Services, a London firm that specialized in UK’s tax incentive program, UK Sales and Leaseback. Through this tax investment program, we financed a dozen motion pictures over a two year period. Structured and procured start-up and film financing for The Total Film Group in LA. Managed phases of Studio Facility Management at Universal Studios for the company’s TV programs. Former IBM executive -Systems Engineer, Programming Instructor and Data Center Manager. 

Carol Lee (CPA)

Carol Lee has worked as a CPA for over 20 years and is the owner of Lee Enterprises LLC.


Dr. Jose Jaramillo (Author/Director)

Dr. Jose Jaramillo is a Mayan Scholar, filmmaker and author.  He directed “In Between Two Worlds” and has written and published two books on the Mayan calendar including “Greatest Desires” and 13:20 “The Real Meaning of The Law of God” and is currently writing “The Tree of Life”.


Robert and Julia Roskind (Author)

Robert Roskind is the author of eleven books including In the Spirit of Marriage and In the Spirit of Business. He more recently wrote a book called “2012 : The shift from the love of power to the power of love” which is also based on Tata Pedro.  He is the creator of a record-breaking PBS series and the organizer of One Love events here and abroad. He lives with his wife, Julia, and their daughter, Alicia, in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina.

Julia & Robert Roskind are esteemed authors, event organizers, and cultural ambassadors devoted to exploring, understanding and promoting the wisdom of the elders (anyone who teaches unconditional love for all). In the last seven years, along with their daughter Alicia, their family has organized and hosted 76 One Love Concerts & Events in Jamaica and on Native American reservations, colleges, prisons, and public venues in the U.S. All these events encourage the audience to claim themselves as "teachers of love" by exercising greater love and forgiveness in their lives.

Except for their 4- and 7-day retreats, all their events are non-commercial, free and involve no private, organizational or government funding. Conscious recording artists and speakers donate their time and talent at no charge. Their largest event was for Bob Marley's 60th birthday on February 6, 2005 in Kingston, Jamaica with a live audience of tens of thousands and a TV and radio audience of almost two million.

They have also produced an award-winning PBS series. In 1980, Robert founded The Owner Builder Center in Berkeley, CA, a non-profit institute dedicated to teaching people how to build energy-efficient houses.

Their books include:

The Beauty Path: A Native American Journey Into One Love

2012: The Transformation of the Love of Power to the Power of Love

The Gathering of the Healers: The Healing of the Nation

Memoirs of an Ex-Hippie: Seven Years in the Counterculture

In The Spirit of Business: Creating Harmony & Fulfillment in your Worklife

In the Spirit of Marriage: Creating & Sustaining Loving Unions

Rasta Heart: A Journey Into One Love

The Path of the Peacemaker: Staying Awake in a Sleeping World (2009) 

Dan Nocera- Post Supervisor/Pre-production advisor

Dan Nocera has worked and taught in all areas of media production for the past seventeen years. Dan has a B.A. in Television Production from Ithaca College and a Master of Arts and Liberal Studies with a concentration in film from Wesleyan’s Graduate Liberal Studies Program. Currently Dan is the coordinator of the Corporate Media Center at Middlesex Community College where he produces, directs, and edits award-winning films (corporate, government, documentary). He is also a skilled craftsman and educator of Video Production, Advanced Editing, Audio Production, and Video Journalism. In 2005 Dan helped plan and set-up the videography lab at Green Street Arts Center, and has continued to instructs students of all ages there. A recent television ad he produced won three national awards including a Telly, a Communicator, and a Gold Medallion. In 2006 he won a Bronze Telly for a 90 minute Training DVD he directed and edited for the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection.