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Mayan Elder Tata Pedro Cruz shares teachings this Saturday evening in Encinitas, San Diego, CA.

Please join us for this sacred, unique opportunity to spend an evening with one of the last living Tzutujil Mayan Elders, Tata Pedro Cruz, visiting from his home town of Lago Atitlan, Guatemala. Tata Pedro Cruz is a revolutionary of our times, with a life story steeped in truth, challenge, suffering, and ultimately peace, love, and a reconnection to our Mother Earth and Mayan Spirituality. He has pilgrimaged over 800 miles through Central America spreading the knowledge of his Mayan ancestors to many indigenous villages whose culture was being lost. His powerful testament that peace is the way was delivered from his personal struggles through war, early abandonment from his mother and other universal struggles we all face by virtue of being human.

Come share this special evening with us as he speaks of the Sacred Tzolkin Mayan Calendar, sheds light of the prophecies of our current time and what 2012 means, and leads us through a Sacred Mayan fire ceremony honoring the cosmic cycles. Tata Pedro emanates a presence of pure love, joy, and soul wisdom. He invites us all to know that the world is not going to end in 2012, in fact we are shifting into a space of LOVE, peace, and unity. With his message, Tata Pedro encourages all that "We first must come together in our communities, and then we can come together in the world."

Artwork will also be for sale by Producer Whitney Kear, inspired by the documentary film shoots and travels to Guatemala, which benefit the documentary film for Outside The Box Media Arts. Outside the Box Media Arts mission is to serve as a messenger between unheard communities around the world and to unite communities through  film, photography, and multimedia.

$20.00 is requested for this special event. $20 will go toward Tata Pedro Cruz and his family, We are also accepting donations for his travel and expenses while he is here in San Diego to help us with the cost.

We are also currently in need of helping to raise funds for the translations for the documentary which we are doing on the life of Tata pedro. We are graciously receiving any further donations for this effort to supplement our online fundraising project. Our current goal is $3,000 needed for the translations of the many hours of footage we are working with.  We are so close to completing this film, the time for this message is now, and really appreciate any support to help us get one step closer to the completion.  If you wish to make a tax deductible donation you may do so through the Media Arts Center San Diego which 8% of the donation will go toward supporting Latino artists in our project and the rest will go toward helping us complete the film. 

Deep Thanks and we look forward to enjoying this evening with you!

For questions, contact whitneykear@gmail.com