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Letter from Chichicastenango Guatemala- Rebuilding after the storm

It has now been over a month since Hurricane Agatha touched down in Guatemala.  We have been organizing efforts to send clothes and funds to our friends who we have been doing a documentary with for the past 2.5 years.  They recently wrote us a letter updating us on the progress that is going on.  Many of the Mayan communities were affected by the storm, and have been having difficulties finding basic necessities like food and clean drinking water.  We are including direct place you can send your donations to help support the communities and our friends down in Guatemala who were affected.  We have been working with various Mayan communities throughout Guatemala, and our friends from Chichi have reached out to us to ask you for your kind support.  Anything you can give, please see the letter and info below.  Thank you so much.

Article by: Cassidy Rast

Letter from Juan Leon Cortez below

Thank you friend...we enormously thank you for the help you have provided. The people of the Maya Kiche en chichicastenango are now making huge efforts to move forward. We now have our legal status (legal representation and state tax number) as an association for the benefit of our comunity.  This is a dificult time for all of the areas of Guatemala. We have put much energy into our community of Chichi...unfortunately, there are places that were totally destroyed by the huricane, we include more photos in this email. Also, we want to manifest support for our relatives who suffered great losses and severe consequences.  Regretably, the most humble familes, whom live in adobe houses suffered the greatest.

Juan, Miguel and Mario

Respresentatives of the asociation of Mayan art and culture ITZAT

If you are interested in helping please e-mail outsidetheboxmediaarts@gmail.com and we will send you more information.  Thank you so much.

Outside the Box Media Arts