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Help our friends in Guatemala who have been affected by Hurricane Agatha

Written: By Cassidy Rast

Photos By: Juan Cortez- Chichicastenango  

Date: June 2, 2010

Photos below are from Chicicastenango a few days after Hurricane Agatha touched down in Guatemala, followed by the eruption of Volcan Pacaya in Antigua.  Our friends from Chichicastenango have asked us to help them during this time in need.  They are Quiche Maya and are artists who we have been working with for the past couple years filming a documentary on Mayan wisdom.  Each and every person we have worked with over the past few years down in Guatemala have touched our hearts. 

Since most of you who are reading this have not met them, I am going to post photos of them below so you can see who they are.  They are truly amazing and beautiful people that have given their community of Chichicastenango a wonderful gift of their artistry and heart.  They keep the heritage of their Mayan roots alive through their beautiful art work. If you can give anything to help them we would be so greatful.  We have had the priviledge of getting to know so many beautiful people in Guatemala, and many people were affected, especially those of the Mayan communites.  There are so many things occuring on our planet as we speak, it seems like everywhere we turn there is new movement of our planet, and something new to focus on. 

I just ask that you take a few moments to focus on this and to give whatever you can.  If you e-mail us at outsidetheboxmediaarts@gmail.com we will give you more information as to where you can safely and securely send funds directly to Chichicastenango.  We are waiting to hear back from other regions of Guatemala and from the elders whom we work with, to see where we can send other relief to.  Please subscribe to this post to recieve updates as we learn more.  Thank you so much.  

Recent photos coming out of Chichicastenago just days after the Hurricane

 Juan y Miguel y Mario- Our friends from Chichicastenango who are Quiche Maya

Photos above by Cassidy Rast


Hurricane Agatha deaths rise to 179 in Central America

Published: Tuesday, June 1, 2010 10:03 p.m. MDT

GUATEMALA CITY — Villagers used hoes and pick axes to hunt for victims of landslides that have killed at least 179 people in Central America while officials in Guatemala's capital tried to cope with a vast sinkhole that swallowed a clothing factory.

Thousands remained homeless and dozens still missing following the season's first tropical storm. Rescue crews struggled to reach isolated communities to distribute food and water.

"This is a total tragedy," said Jose Vicente Samayoa, president of a neighborhood group in Amatitlan, a flooded town south of Guatemala's capital.

Officials in Guatemala reported 152 dead but said 100 people were still missing. In the department of Chimaltenango — a province west of Guatemala City — landslides buried rural Indian communities and killed at least 60 people.

Curious onlookers also gathered at a massive and almost perfectly circular sinkhole that swallowed an entire intersection in Guatemala City over the weekend, gulping down a clothing factory but causing no deaths or injuries.

Authorities estimate the hole is 66 feet wide and nearly 100 feet deep, but they are still investigating what caused it.


Guatemala volcano sparks state of emergency-ABC-NEWS

May 28, 2010  ABC NEWS

Firefighters evacuate the corpse of journalist Anibal Archila in  Guatemala

The burnt body of a Guatelamalan journalist was found near the volcano by a colleague (AFP: Johan Ordonez)

Guatemalan president Alvaro Colom has declared a state of emergency after a powerful eruption at the southern Pacaya volcano killed one person and forced the international airport to close.

Ash is blanketing the region 50 kilometres south of the capital, as rocks and lava spew from the volcano.

Mr Colom has issued an emergency decree lasting at least 15 days for the three departments nearest the eruption, which began Wednesday night and has since built in intensity.

The burnt body of Guatelamalan television journalist Anibal Archila was found near the volcano by a colleague, who said the reporter had been unable to escape the raining rocks and other projectiles thrown out in the eruption.

Officials say three children aged seven, nine and 10 are also missing in the area.

The La Aurora International Airport spokeswoman Monica Monge says the international airport has been closed to ensure planes were not flying through the volcano's hazardous ash cloud or landing on the ash-strewn runway.

Incoming flights have been diverted to airports in other parts of the country

Some 1,600 people were evacuated from the slopes of the volcano, which rises 2,552 metres above sea level in the tropical Central American nation.

There are 288 volcanoes in Guatemala, eight of which are active.


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